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Nepal Bird Series 1979

Complete Set of 3 nos of special postage stamps on the International World Pheasant Association Symposium, Kathmandu, Nov. 21-23 : birds of Nepal : Gray Shrike, Danphe and Fire–tailed Sun bird : Issued by Nepal Issued on Nov 22, 1979 Issued by : His Majesty’s Government Postal Services Department Nepal Philatelic Bureau Kathmandu Type : Stamps, Postal Used Denomination : (a) 10 Paisa, (b) Rs. […]

Nepal on First Engine-Powered Flight

A commemorative postage stamp on the 75th Anniversary of the 1st Engine–Powered Flight : Issued by Nepal Issued on Dec 17, 1978 (corresponding to 2nd Pausha 2035) Issued for : To commemorate the 75th anniversary of this pioneering event a special air mail stamp is being issued today depicting the “Kitty Hawk” and the “Yeti” – the flag carrier of the Himalayan […]

India on Air Mail

Complete Set of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the INDIA–80, an India International Stamp Exhibition : Mail–carrying Aircrafts of India : Issued by India Issued on Oct 15, 1979 Issued for : Posts and Telegraphs Department honours all those who have been and are associated with carriage of mails by air by issuing a set of four stamps on AIRMAIL. This set is […]

Wild Roses

Complete Set of 6 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Roses : Issued by Nicaragua Issued on Jan 15, 1986 Issued for : Wild roses [Rosas Silvestres] Picture : 1cor – Spinosissima, 1cor – Canina, 3cor – Eglanteria, 5cor – Rubrifolia, 9cor – Foetida and 100cor – Rugosa Colour : Multicoloured Type : Stamps, Mint condition Denomination : 1, 1, 3, 5, 9 & 100 Córdoba [5, 9 & 100cor stamps are Air Mail] Perforation : 12½ x 12½

100 Years of Airmail

A Miniature Sheet consisting of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamps on 100 years of Airmail at Indipex 2011, a World Philatelic Exhibition : Issued by India Issued on Feb 12, 2011 Issued for : India Post celebrates 100 years of Airmail Service by issuing this set of four commemorative postage stamps. Issued for : Now through the set of four stamps, First […]

Roses of Bhutan 1973

Complete Set of 6 nos of commemorative postage stamps on Roses : Issued by Bhutan Issued on Jan 30, 1973 Colour : Multicoloured Type : Stamps, Mint Condition Subject : Roses About :  a set of 6 postage stamps consists of 6 different face values [denomination] in commemoration of 6 different types of Rose. The last two denominations i.e. 6nu & 7nu are Air […]

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