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Archaeological Survey of India 2011

A set of 2 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the 150th Anniversary of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), an Indian government agency under Ministry of Culture, responsible for archaeological research, conservation and preservation of cultural monuments : Issued by India Issued on Dec 20, 2011 Issued for : Despite the challenges and limitations, the ASI is serving the country credibly. On the […]

State Museum, Lucknow

A commemorative postage stamp on the 125th Anniversary of the Lucknow State Museum, Uttar Pradesh : Issued by India Issued on Jan 11, 1989 Issued for : The Department of Posts issues this stamp on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the State Museum, Lucknow. Description of Design : The stamp depicts a round terracotta plaque showing goddess Durga seated on a […]

Dr. Jagdish Chandra Jain

A commemorative postage stamp on Jagdish Chandra Jain, the chief prosecution witness in Mahatma Gandhi‘s murder trial : Issued by India Issued on Jan 28, 1998 Issued for : The Department of Posts is pleased to issue a special commemorative postage stamp on Dr. Jagdish Chandra Jain. Credits : Stamp, FDC : Prof. J. C. Memorial Trust Committee Cancellation : Alka Sharma Type : Stamp, Mint Condition […]

India-Mongolia : Joint Issue

India Stamps 2006

Complete Set of 2 nos of commemorative postage stamps on 50 years of diplomatic relations between India and Mongolia : Joint Issue : Ancient Arts & Crafts : Issued by India Issued on Sep 11, 2006 Issued for : India Post, through this joint release of stamps celebrates the friendship and cooperation between the governments and the peoples of India and Mongolia. Credits […]

Cliff Paintings of Helan Mountains

Complete Set of 3 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Cliff Paintings of Helan Mountains : Issued by People’s Republic of China Issued on Sep 23, 1998 Issued for : The Cliff Paintings of Helan Mountains. Picture : Different Cliff Paintings of Helan Mountains :- 1. 50 f – Human face, 2. 100 f – Hunting and 3. 150 f – Ox Type : Stamps, Mint Condition Colour : Multicolored Denomination : 50, 100 & […]

Romania on Animal Hunters

Complete Set of 10 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Animals & of their Hunters : Issued by Romania Issued on Jul, 1961 Issued for : Some of the Animals and of their Hunters through the Ages Picture : 10 b – Roe Deer and Bronze Age Hunting Scene, 20 b – Lynx and Prehistoric Hunter, 35 b – Boar and Roman hunter, 40 b – Brown bear and Roman tombstone, 55 b – Red deer and 16th century […]

India on XV International Congress of Pe...

Information Sheet for the Commemorative Postage Stamp on the 15th International Congress of Pediatrics, New Delhi : Issued by India Issued on Oct 23, 1977 Issued for : The Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department feels privileged to bring out a postage stamp to mark this important occasion. Description of Design : The design of the stamp shows ‘Mother and Child’ a sculpture […]

Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy

A commemorative postage stamp on the Birth Centenary of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, a Sri Lankan Tamil philosopher, metaphysician, historian and philosopher, responsible for introducing ancient Indian art to West : Issued by India Issued on Aug 22, 1977 Issued for : The Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department feels proud to bring out a commemorative postage stamp on the occasion of the birth centenary of […]

India on UNESCO 1971

A commemorative postage stamp on the 25th Anniversary of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) : Issued by India Issued on Nov 4, 1971 Issued for : India is one of the Founder–Members of the UNESCO and is actively participating in the world-wide celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the UNESCO. The Indian P&T Department are privileged to be associated with these celebrations on […]

India on Charter of Cyrus the Great

A commemorative postage stamp on the 2500th Anniversary of the Cyrus Charter of Human Rights : Issued by India Issued on Oct 12, 1971 Issued for : The Indian Posts & Telegraphs Department feel privileged in bringing out a stamp to commemorate the 2500th Anniversary of the Charter of Cyrus the Great and join in the homage being paid by the nations of the world to the […]

India on International Congress of Orien...

A commemorative postage stamp on 26th International Congress of Orientalists, an international conference of scholars mostly from Europe and USA, held in New Delhi : Issued by India Issued on Jan 4, 1964 Issued for : The Posts and Telegraphs Department is privileged to issue a special stamp to commemorate the convening of the Congress in India. Design : Appropriately enough, the motif adopted in the stamp is […]

The Visit of Emperor & Empress of Japan

A Souvenir Sheet consisting of 1 no of commemorative postage stamp on the Qutub Minar & Tokyo Tower : Issued by India Issued on Dec 5, 2013 Issued for : Department of Posts is happy to release a Souvenir Sheet on ‘the Visit of Emperor & Empress of Japan‘. Credits : Stamp/FDC : Kamleshwar Singh Cancellation : Alka Sharma Type : Miniature Sheet, Mint Condition Colour : Multi colour Denomination […]

Mathura Museum

India Stamp 1974

Complete Set of 2 nos of commemorative postage stamp on 100 years of the Government Museum, Mathura (initially known as Curzon Museum of Archaeology) : Issued by India Issued on Oct 9, 1974 Issued for : The P & T Department has the privilege to highlight the yeomen service rendered by the Mathura Museum by bringing out two commemorative postage stamps during […]

India on International Olympic Committee

A commemorative postage stamp on 86th Session of International Olympic Committee (IOC), responsible authority for organising modern Summer and Winter Olympic Games : Issued by India Issued on Mar 25, 1983 Issued for : The P & T Department is happy to commemorate this occasion by issuing a special postage stamp. Description of Designs : The stamp and the First Day Cover have been designed by Badar Makhmoor. The stamp shows […]


A commemorative postage stamp on the 500th Anniversary of the Coronation of Sri Krishna Deva Raya, an Indian emperor of Vijayanagara Empire, 3rd ruler of Tuluva Dynasty (1509-29) : Issued by India Issued on Jan 27, 2011 Issued for : India Post is happy to honour Krishnadevaraya by issuing a commemorative postage stamp. Credita : Stamp, FDC : Sankha Samanta Cancellation : Alka Sharma Type : Stamp, Mint Condition Colour […]

Brihadeeswarar Temple

A commemorative postage stamp on the 1000 years of Construction of Peruvudaiyaar Kovil (Dhakshina Meru), a Shiva temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as “Great Living Chola Temples” : Issued by India Issued on Sep 26, 2010 Issued for : India Post is happy to issue a commemorative postage stamp on Brihadeeswarar Temple on the completion […]

Indian Musical Instruments 1998

Complete Set of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Musical Instruments of India : Rudra Veena, Flute, Pakhawaj and Sarod : Issued by India Issued on Dec 29, 1998 Issued for : The Department of Posts commemorates the Indian Musical tradition with issue of a set of four stamps on Indian Musical Instruments with a backdrop of panels from ancient stone carvings, […]

Indian Centres of Culture & Tourism

Complete set of 4 nos. of commemorative postage stamps on Indepex ‘97 : Buddhist Cultural Site : Nalanda, Bodhgaya, Vaishali & Kushinagar : Issued by India Issued on Jun 6, 1997 Issued for : The world Philatelic Exhibition, Indepex ’97 was organised at Delhi by the Department of Posts to coincide with the Golden Jubilee Celebration of India’s Independence. The exhibition held from 15-22 […]

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