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Nepal Herbs Series 1980

Complete Set of 4 nos of special postage stamps on the Herbs of Nepal : Tulsi,  : Issued by Nepal Issued on Mar 24, 1980 [11 Chaitra 2036] Designer : M.N.S. Rana Type : Stamps, Postal Used Denomination : a) 5 P b) 30 P c) R 1 d) R 2.30 Colour : Five Size : 29.8 mm x 40 x 64 mm Format : Vertical Paper : Unwatermarked paper Quantity : a) 40,00,000 b) 30,00,000 […]


Complete set of 2 postage stamp on the Bougainvillea, a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes or trees : Issued by India Issued on Jun 5, 1985 Issued for : The Department of Posts, India is privileged to issue these two colourful stamps on Bougainvillea, a tribute to all horticulturists and botanists engaged in the propagation of this bright and colourful plant. […]

K.M. Munshi

A commemorative postage stamp on the Birth Centenary of Kanaiyalal M. Munshi, founder father of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan : Issued by India Issued on Dec 30, 1988 Description of Designs : The stamp depicts K. M. Munshi and a tree, symbolising his interest in the Van Mahotsav. The first day cover shows him against a background of the Bharatiya Vidya […]

Japan on SICOT

A commemorative postage stamp on the 14th World Congress of the International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology (SICOT), Kyoto : Issued by Japan Issued on Oct 16, 1978 Issued for : The 50 yen postage stamp with a design of the artificial joint and the symbolic mark of orthopedic surgery has been issued in commemoration of the 14th […]

“Koma-Kusa” : Japan Nature Conservation

A postage stamp on the Nature Conservation Series “Komakusa” (Dicentra, Asian bleeding-heart) : Issued by Japan Issued on Jul 25, 1978 Issued for : As the 20th issue of the Nature Conservation Series, a postage stamp depicting “Koma-kusa” (Dicentra peregrina) was issued. “Koma–kusa” is a representative plant of high mountain. The alpine zones of Mt. Akita Komagatake and Mt. Iwate-san are designed as natural […]

“Koshin-so” : Japan Nature Conservation

A postage stamp on the Nature Protection Series “Koshin–so” (Pinguicula Ramosa) : Issued by Japan Issued on Jun 8, 1978 Issued for : As the 19th issue of the Nature Conservation Series, a postage stamp depicting Koshin-so (pinguicula ramoas Miyoshi) was issued. Koshin-so is peculiar to Japan and was discovered in Mt. Koshin, Tochigi Pref., in 1890 by Dr. Manabu Miyoshi. The Koshin-so […]

Apple in Japan

A postage stamp on the Centenary of Apple Cultivation in Japan : Issued by Japan Issued on Sep 17, 1975 Issued for : To celebrate the centenary of the cultivation of apples a 20 yen postage stamp will be issued depicting an apple. Colour : Multicolour Type : Stamp, Postal Used Denomination : 20 Yen Stamp Size : 27 mm x 22.5 mm Quantity Issued : 40,000,000 […]

25th National Athletic Meeting of Japan

A commemorative postage stamp on the 25th Japan Championships in Athletics, Iwate, Honshu : Issued by Japan Issued on Oct 10, 1970 Issued for : A postage stamp issued to commemorate the 25th National Athletic Meeting, greatest sports festival in Japan, which opened on 10 October in Iwate Prefecture. Design : Equestrian skill Designer : Mr. Takao Yamanouchi Colour : Multicolour Type : Stamp, Postal Used Denomination : 15 Yen Perforation : 13 Printing Process : Photogravure

India on Environmental Conservation 1981

A commemorative postage stamp on the World Environment Day : Conservation of Forests : Issued by India Issued on Jun 15, 1981 Issued for : Indian P & T Department is privileged to issue a special stamp on the World Environment Day highlighting the need for conservation of forests which is an integral and significant component in environmental conservation. Type : Stamp, Postal […]

India on Children’s Day 1984

A commemorative postage stamp on the National Children’s Day 1984 : Issued by India Issued on Nov 14, 1984 Issued for : As stamps communicate to masses in an effective way, the Indian Posts & Telegraphs Department every year propagates and promotes an important message of mass awakening about the needs of the children and is happy to issue a special postage stamp on Children’s Day, […]

India Tea

A commemorative postage stamp on the Year of ‘India Tea’ : Issued by India Issued on Dec 11, 1993 Issued for : The Department of Post happily joins the tea industry of the country in commemorating 1993 as the year of ‘India Tea’, by issuing a special postage stamp to carry the message of India Tea the world over. Design : The First Day Cover is an artist’s […]

United Planters’ Association of Southern

A commemorative postage stamp on the Centenary of the United Planters‘ Association of Southern India (UPSAI) : Issued by India Issued on Mar 26, 1994 Issued for : The United Planters’ Association is synonymous with the growth of plantation industry in Southern India. To commemorate the centenary of the Association, the Department of Post is happy to bring out a postage stamp which captures, in many […]

Natural Heritage of Manipur and Tripura

A Miniature Sheet consisting of 4 nos. of postage stamp on the INDEPEX Asiana – 2000 : Natural Heritage of Manipur & Tripura : Siroi Lily, Sangai Deer, Wild Guava and Slow Loris : Issued by India Issued on Mar 31, 2000 Issued for : The Department of Posts issues this set of 4 stamp on the Natural Heritage of Manipur and Tripura in the North East. This is the first set of […]

India on Buddha Jayanti 1956

Complete Set of 2 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the 2500th Buddha Jayanti : Issued by India Issued on May 24, 1956 Design : 2 anna – Artist’s representation of the asvattha tree (ficus religiosa) at Bodh Gaya, seated under which Gautama attained enlightenment. In Buddhist art, this tree symbolizes the supreme moment in Gautama’s life when he became the Buddha. 14 anna – The […]

Medicinal Plants of India 2003

A miniature sheet consisting of 4 nos. of postage stamp on the Indian Medicinal Plants : Guggulu, Brahmi, Ashwagandha and Amla : Issued by India Issued on Apr 7, 2003 Issued for : Continuing with the series that began on 28th October 1997, the Department of Posts now brings out another set of four stamps on the medicinal plants of India. Credits : Stamps, FDC, Sheetlet […]

Indian Medicinal Plants 1997

Complete Set of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Medicinal Plants of India : Tulsi, Haridra, Sarpagandha and Ghritkumari : Issued by India Issued on Oct 28, 1997 Credits : Stamps : Deptt. of ISM and Homeopathy FDC : Brahm Prakash Cancellation : Smt. Alka Sharma Type : Stamps, Mint Condition Colour : Multi Colour Denomination : 200, 500, 1000 & 1100 Paise Overall […]


Complete Set of 2 nos of postage stamps on the Pariyat tree and flower : Issued by India Issued on Mar 8, 1997 Design : Shri R. N. Pasricha has designed the stamp in a setenant by showing the tree on one stamp and the flower on the other. The first day cover is again a painting of the tree, by Shri […]

Indian Science Congress Association

A commemorative postage stamp on the 75th Session of the Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), a premier scientific organisation at Kolkata, West Bengal : Issued by India Issued on Jan 7, 1988 Issued for : The Deptt. of Posts is privileged to issue a commemorative stamp on the 75th Session of the Science Congress. Description of Designs : The multi-coloured stamp depicts […]

Mangroves of India

A miniature sheet consisting of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the 8th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change : Issued by India Issued on Oct 30, 2002 Issued for : India hosted the Eighth Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP-8) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change from 23rd October to […]

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