Comic Strips

Sheetlet of commemorative postage stamps on Comic Strips :

Comic StripsIssued by Argentina

Issued on May 17, 2003

Colour : Multicoloured

Type : Sheetlet, Mint Condition

Subject : Comic Strips

About : 

  • a Sheetlet of 4 X 2 stamps consists of 3 different face values [denomination] in commemoration of 8 different types of popular Humor & Cartoon characters of Argentina
  • 25c : Mago Fafa, by Alberto Brocooli
  • 25c : Astronauta, by Crist (Cristobal Reinoso)
  • 50c : Hijitus, by Manuel Garcia Ferre
  • 50c : Savarese, by Domingo Mandrafina & Robin Wood
  • 75c Sonoman, by Oswal (Oswaldo Walter Viola)
  • 75c El Tipito, by Daniel Paz and Rudy (Marcelo E. Rudaeff)
  • 75c La Vaca Aurora, by Domingo Mirco Repetto
  • 75c Diogenes y el Linyera, by Tabare (Gomez Laborde), Jorge Guinzberg & Carlos Abrevaya

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