Complete Set of 5 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Views in Angermanland Province :

1166 View from Ringkallen, by Helmer Osslund [Views in Angermanland Province] 1167 Tugboat pulling timber [Views in Angermanland Province] 1168 Hay-drying racks [Views in Angermanland Province] 1169 Granvagsnipan slope, Angerman River [Views in Angermanland Province] 1170 Seine fishing [Views in Angermanland Province]

Issued by Sweden

Issued on Jun 19, 1976

Issued for : Views in Angermanland Province

Picture : Several views in Angermanland Province85o View from Ringkallen, by Helmer Osslund85o Tugboat pulling timber85o Haydrying racks85o Granvagsnipan slope, Angerman River & 85o Seine fishing.

Colour : 85o Slate Green, 85o Violet Blue, 85o Deep Brown, 85o Violet Blue & 85o Brown Red.

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Watermark : No

Denomination : 85 Öre each

Perforation : 12½ Horizontal