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India on International Year of Physics 2...

Indian Definitive Stamp 2005, Einstein, Miracle Year, Theory of Relativity, Photo electric Effect, Brownian Motion

A definitive postage stamp on the Centenary of Special Theory of Relativity, Photoelectric Effect and Brownian Motion – publications done by Albert Einstein : Issued by India Issued on Mar 31, 2005 Issued for : Department of Posts is happy to issue a definitive stamp on International Year of Physics under the 9th Definitive Series. Credit : Stamp & FDC : Kamleshwar Singh Cancellation : […]

Pakistan Export Series 1992

Complete set of 3 nos. of new definitive postage stamps (Export Series) rupees value : Issued by Pakistan Issued on Jul 5, 1992 Issued for : To meet the requirements of pasting high value postage stamps on export parcels, Pakistan Post Office has issued definitive stamps of the value of Rs. 10.00, Rs. 15.00 and Rs. 25.00. These exquisitely designed stamps high […]

1985 Love Stamp

A definitive postage stamp on the Love : Issued by United States of America Issued on Apr 17, 1985 Design : First Day of Issue for the 1985 “Love” stamp, the fourth issue in this special series, likewise coincides with the Valentine season. The stamp was designed by Corita Kent of Boston, Massachusetts. Type : Stamp, Postal Used Denomination : 22 cents […]

Australian Animals – Series II

Complete Set of 7 nos of definitive postage stamps on the Reptiles & Amphibians : Australian animals definitive stamp series, part 2 : Issued by Australia Issued on Apr 19, 1982 (3c, 27c, 65c, 75c) and Jun 16, 1982 (15c, 40c, 90c) Issued for : Reptiles and amphibians are the subject of the second part of the Australian animals definitive stamp series. The six mammals […]


Complete Set of 5 nos of definitive postage stamps on the Eucalyptus (gum tree) in Australia : Issued by Australia Issued on Nov 17, 1982 Designer : Betty Conabere, Mansfield [Mrs. Elizabeth Conabere was a botanical illustrator who lived and worked in an elderly house surrounded by a garden, in the Victorian country town of Mansfield. In 1969, on completing drawings of alpine […]

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