A commemorative postage stamp on Ishta Dev Jhulelal Sahibregarded by Sindhi Hindus as an incarnation of the Hindu deity, Varuna :

झूलेलाल साहिब (सिन्धी हिन्दु)Issued by India

Issued on Mar 17, 2013

Issued for : Department of Posts is happy to commemorate Jhulelal Sahib by issuing a Postage Stamp.

Credits :
/FDC : Bharati Mirchandani
Cancellation : Alka Sharma

Type : StampMint Condition

Colour : Multi colour

Denomination : 500 Paise

Stamps Printed : 0.52 Million (0.21 million for the Proponent & others)

Printing Process : Wet Offset

Printer : Security Printing Press, Hyderabad

About : 

  • Jhulelal, also known as Darya Lai or Udeoro Lai or Jinda Peer is the community God of the Sindhi community. His birth day, popularly celebrated as Cheti Chand on the 2nd day of the Chaitra month of the Indian Calendar is celebrated with traditional splendour and gaiety. As per the legend, Jhulelal was born in the 10th Century AD on the Cheti Chand day at Nasarpur, in Sind Province which is now in Pakistan. Jhulelal Sahib propagated the concept of one God and was loved and revered by people of all strata and communities. It is said that Mirkshah, the then ruler, was not only a tyrant but also a religious fanatic. The influence of Jhulelal was such that he began to treat everyone equally.
  • The message given by Jhulelal Sahib about the oneness of God is even more relevant in today’s environment where communal harmony is vital for the progress of a diverse country like India.
  • Text : Based on the material provided by the proponent.