A commemorative postage stamp on the Official Recognition of the Nepalese Red Cross Society : Service before Self :

King Mahendra & NRCS : नेपाल रेडक्रस सोसाइटीIssued by Nepal

Issued on Oct 1, 1966

Issued by :
His Majesty’s Government
Postal Services Department 
Nepal Philatelic Bureau,

Designed by Shyam Das ‘Ashanta’

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 50 Paisa

Colour : crimson & olive green

Size : 2.06 cms. x 2.28 cms.

Perforation : 14 x 14½

Paper : unwatermarked stamp paper on reels

Number : half million

Sheet : 50 stamps per issue sheet

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printed at : Jore Ganesh Press Pvt. Ltd., Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal

About : 

  • Under the able and dynamic leadership of H.R.H. Princess Princep Shah, and following intensively the tradition established in this country by welfare organizations like Paropakara and T.B. Association, the Nepal Red Cross is rapidly extending its activities. Founded on September 4, 1963 the Society became a member of the International Red Cross exactly two years ago on October 1, 1964 and is receiving various kinds of help and support from sister societies.