Complete series of commemorative postage stamps on 40th Anniversary of the Young Communist League :

1. Young Civil War Soldier, 1919 [Young Communist League]2. Industrial Brigade [Young Communist League]3. Youth in World War II [Young Communist League]4. Girl Farm Worker [Young Communist League]5. Youth building New Towns [Young Communist League]

Issued by Russia

Issued on Oct 25, 1958

Colour : Multicoloured

Type : Postally Used

Subject : 40th Anniversary of the Young Communist League (Komsomol)

About : 

  • a set of 6 stamps consists of 6 different face values [denomination] showing different pictures of youth participation in different fields of work to build the nation during 2nd World War
  • 10k : Young Civil War Soldier at 1919
  • 20k : Industrial Brigade
  • 25k : Youth in World War II
  • 40k : Girl Farm Worker
  • 60k : Youth building New Towns
  • 1r : Students, Fighters for Culture