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Geneva Conventions

Second World War, Red Cross, humane rules of war

A commemorative postage stamp on 50th anniversary of the 1949 Geneva Convention, the standards of international law for humanitarian treatment in war : Issued by India Issued on Aug 12, 1999 Issued for : The Department of Posts, is happy to commemorate 50 years of the Geneva Conventions, and India’s deep commitment to the Geneva Conventions. Design : The design […]


Complete Set of 5 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Fortune for World War II : Issued by Netherlands Issued on May 1, 1946 Issued for : Victims of World War II. Picture : Fortuna Colour : 1½ + 3½ c – Brown Black, 2½ + 5 c – Dull Green, 5 + 10 c – Dark Violet, 7½ + 15 c – Carmine Lake and 12½ + 37½ c – Dark Blue. Type : Semi–Postal Stamps, Postal Used Watermark : No Denomination : 1½ […]

Overrun Countries Issue

Complete Set of 13 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Overrun Countries Issue : Issued by United States of America Issued on 1943–44 Issued for : A tribute to the 13 nations overrun and occupied by the Axis Powers during or shortly before World War II Picture : Flags of the 13 Overrun Countries : 5c – Poland, 5c – Czechoslovakia, 5c – Norway, 5c – Luxembourg, 5c – Netherlands, 5c – Belgium, 5c – France, 5c – Greece, 5c – Yugoslavia, 5c – Albania, 5c – Austria, 5c – Denmark & 5c – Korea. […]

40th Anniversary of Young Communist Leag...

Complete series of commemorative postage stamps on 40th Anniversary of the Young Communist League : Issued by Russia Issued on Oct 25, 1958 Colour : Multicoloured Type : Postally Used Subject : 40th Anniversary of the Young Communist League (Komsomol) About :  a set of 6 stamps consists of 6 different face values [denomination] showing different pictures of youth participation in different […]

Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union

Complete series of commemorative postage stamps on the Gold Star medal recipients of the Soviet Union : Issued by Russia Issued on May 9, 1966 Type : Postal Used Subject : Heroes of Guerrilla Warfare during World War II : Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union About :  a set of 5 stamps consists of same face values [denomination] showing the portraits of the recipients of the Gold […]

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