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India on Swami Vivekananda 2013

Complete set of 4 nos. of commemorative postage stamps on the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, an Indian Hindu monk, chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahansa : Issued by India Issued on Jan 12, 2013 Issued for : The Department of Posts is privileged to issue a set of four Commemorative Postage Stamps and a sheetlet depicting various milestones of the life of Swami Vivekanand to commemorate […]

Stamp Day 1967

Complete Set of 4 nos of commemorative Semi–Postal stamps on the famous French Personalities: Issued by France Issued on Feb 4, 1967 (Emile Zola & Beaumarchais), Jun 24, 1967 (St. Francois de Sales & Albert Camus) Issued for : Great Philosophers of France Picture : Different French Personalities : Emile Zola, Beaumarchais [pen name of Pierre Augustin Caron], St. Francois de Sales (1567-1622), Albert Camus (1913-1960) Colour : Emile Zola – Slate Blue & Blue, Beaumarchais – Rose Brown & […]

Swami Ekrasanand Saraswati

A commemorative postage stamp on Shri 108 Shri Swami Ekrasanand Saraswati : Issued by India Issued on Dec 4, 2014 Issued for : Department of Posts is happy to release a Commemorative Postage Stamp on Swami Ekrasanand Saraswati. Credits : Stamp/FDC/Cancellation : Alka Sharma Type : Stamp, Mint Condition Colour : Multi colour Denomination : 500 Paise Stamps Printed : 0.6 Million Printing Process : Wet […]

Jayadeva & Geetagovinda

Jaideb & Gitagobinda India stamps, miniature sheet 2009

A Miniature Sheet consisting of 11 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Sanskrit Poet, Jaidev and his composition on Dashavatara, Gita Govind : Issued by India Issued on Jul 27, 2009 Issued for : The Department of Posts is happy to release a set of commemorative postage stamps on Jayadeva and Geetagovinda. Design : The stamps and the first day cover lay cover are a depiction and celebration […]

Paramahansa Yogananda

A commemorative postage stamp on the Death Anniversary of Paramhansa Yogananda, founder of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) and Yogoda Satsanga Society (YSS) : Issued by India Issued on Mar 7, 1977 Issued for : The Posts and Telegraphs Department feels privileged to bring out a commemorative postage stamp in honour of Paramahansa Yogananda. Type : Stamp, Postal Used Colour : Saffron Denomination : 25 Paise Overall size : 3.91 X 2.90 […]

Saint Arunagirinathar

A commemorative postage stamp on the 600th Birth Anniversary of Sant Arunagirinaadhar, a Tamil saint-poet, creator of Thiruppugazh in praise of Lord Murugan : Issued by India Issued on Aug 14, 1975 Issued for : The Posts & Telegraphs Department deem it a privilege to issue a commemorative stamp in honour of this great saint. Description of Design : The stamp design is horizontal and depicts a portrait of Saint […]

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

A commemorative postage stamp on the Birth Anniversary of Thakur Sri Ramkrishna Paramahansa, an Indian Hindu Bengali mystic and saint, Guru of Swami Vivekananda : Issued by India Issued on Feb 18, 1973 Issued for : The P & T Department feels honoured to bring out a commemorative stamp of this prophet of New India. Description of Design : The design of the stamp is vertical and depicts the […]

Swami Virjanand

A commemorative postage stamp on Virajanand Dandeesha, an Indian blind sage from Mathura, Guru of Arya Samaj founder Dayanand Saraswati : Issued by India Issued on Sep 14, 1971 Issued for : The P & T Department are privileged to bringing out a stamp honouring this Saint. The stamp depicts the Swamiji in a sitting posture. The design on the First Day Cover high-lights symbolically the […]

Sri Ramana Maharshi 1971

A commemorative postage stamp on the Death Anniversary of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, an Indian sage, philosopher and jivanmukta : Issued by India Issued on Apr 14, 1971 Issued for : This holy land of India has given birth to several sages and saints belonging to all faiths from times immemorial. The Indian Posts & Telegraphs Department feels privileged to bring out a special commemorative postage stamp for […]

Sant Ravidas 1971

A commemorative postage stamp on Sant Raidas (Saint Rohidas), an Indian mystic poet-sant of the Bhakti movement : Issued by India Issued on Feb 10, 1971 Issued for : The Posts and Telegraphs Department feels privileged to bring out a special commemorative stamp in honour and memory of this great saint, and reformer, Sant Ravidass. Description of Design : The design of the stamp is pictorial […]

Narsinha Mehta

A commemorative postage stamp on Adi Kavi Narsinh Mehta, an Indian Gujarati poet-saint, exponent of Vaishnava poetry : Issued by India Issued on May 30, 1967 Issued for : The Posts and Telegraphs Department is proud to bring out a special postage stamp in his honour on the 30th May, 1967. Type : Stamp, Mint Condition Colour : Suede Grey  Denomination : 15 Paisa Overall Size : 3.34 […]

Swami Rama Tirtha

A commemorative postage stamp on Swami Ram, an Indian Hindu teacher of Vedanta philosophy : Issued by India Issued on Nov 11, 1966 Issued for : The P. & T. Department feels privileged to bring out a special stamp in honour of this great son of India on Dipavali day, the 11th November, 1966. Type : Stamp, Mint Condition Colour : Turquoise Blue  Denomination : […]


A commemorative postage stamp on Sage Kavichakravarthi Kamban, an Indian Tamil Hindu poet, author of Ramavataram (Kamba Ramayanam), based on Valmiki‘s Ramayana : Issued by India Issued on Apr 5, 1966 Issued for : The annual Kambar Festival will be celebrated in April 1966. The P & T Department is privileged to issue a commemorative stamp in honour of the illustrious poet on the 5th April 1966. […]


A commemorative postage stamp on the 400th Death Anniversary of Sri Purandara Dasa (1484-1564), an Indian Haridasa saint and a Bhakti movement Carnatic vocalist, composer of Dasa Sahithya, devotee of Lord Krishna : Issued by India Issued on Tuesday, Jan 14, 1964 Issued for : The P & T Department is privileged to issue a special stamp in memory of Purandaradasa on this occasion. Type : Stamp, Postal Used, Information […]

Acharya Gyansagar

A commemorative postage stamp on Acharya Gyan Sagar, a Digambara Jain Acharya : Issued by India Issued on Sep 10, 2013 Issued for : Department of Posts is happy to commemorate Acharya Gyansagar by issuing a postage stamp. Credits : Stamp/Cancellation : Alka Sharma FDC : Bharati Mirchandani Type : Stamp, Mint Condition Colour : Multi colour Denomination : 500 Paise Stamps Printed […]

Jeanne Jugan & Little Sisters of the Poo

Complete Set of 2 nos of postage stamps on Jeanne Jugan, Sister Mary of the Cross and founder of Little Sisters of the Poor : Issued by India Issued on Oct 29, 2009 Issued for : The Department of Posts is happy to honour Jeanne Jugan and the Order the Little Sisters of the Poor by issuing a set of commemorative postage stamps. Credits : […]

Sant Namdev

A commemorative postage stamp on the 700th Birth Anniversary of Saint Namadeva maharaj, an Indian Marathi poet and a Varkari saint from Maharashtra :  Issued by India Issued on Nov 9, 1970 Issued for : Namdeo‘s 700th birth anniversary falls on 9th November, 1970 and the Posts and Telegraphs Department joins the Nation in honouring this great man of God by issuing […]

India on St. Francis Xavier

A commemorative postage stamp on ‘Apostle to the Far East‘ Saint Francis Xavier, a Navarrese Roman Catholic missionary and a co-founder of Society of Jesus : Issued by India Issued on Dec 24, 1974 Issued for : The body of St. Francis Xavier was then exposed for public veneration since November 23, 1974 to January 5, 1975. The Posts and Telegraphs Department deem it […]

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